Mach3 CNC Automation Machine Supplier in India

CNC PC-based Retrofit Control Systems

Mach 3 CNC Machine Automation Systems in India

Our supplied Electronic Panel includes AC Servo Motors and Drives, Stepper Motors, Orion make Stepper Drives, Cables, Breakout Boards, High-Frequency Power Supplies. In addition to the above components, this package also includes G Code executing and controlling Mach3 licensed software. Complete installation along-with training will also be provided.

Advantages of Retrofitting your Mechanical Machine with Orion Systems :

  • Decreased Time of Machine Cycle with better Control of Machine.
  • For Superior Repeatability and Higher Feed Rate.
  • Increased Accuracy and Better Part Finish due to Imported Servo Drive.
  • User Friendly Software enables Graphic Representation of the job with Automatic Generation of G Code.

Complete Electronic Panel System for CNC Applications with Mach3 Software

CNC Motion Controller Board Supplier in India
CNC Controller Manufacturer in India

Orion Electronics presents the complete Electronic panel system comprising servos and stepper motors for any CNC application. Mach3 software is the controlling brain of the system, installed on a PC. We custom designed Mach3 such that a single file executes multiple tools.

As a part of this whole package, our control panel comprises of:

Hardware :

  • Imported Servo Motors and Drives
  • Orion make Stepper Motor Drives with Motors
  • Power Supplies, VFDs
  • Orion make Breakout Boards
  • Orion make Customized Software, if need be.
  • Orion make V to F Converters
  • Orion’s specially designed SMPS for Higher Frequency Switching
  • External Panel Enclosure, along with Full Wire Routing, Commissioning and Installation

Software :

  • Controlling Software Mach3, which runs the G-Code Design Files.

Customized Screen Designing in Mach3 for Various Applications

1. Mach3 for Jewellery Cutting

Jewellery cutting-Bangles

2. Mach3 for Lathe Retrofitting