Flow Wrap Machines

Orion Electronics has ingeniously developed a very cost effective solution for Horizontal Flow wrap machines. The system comprises of Controller, Encoder and Servo motor drive set. With rigorous research, we have been able to devise a system which boasts of unparalleled performance if compared to any advanced Motion controller available today.

Normally servo motors with E-cam facility are needed to implement the interfacing between sealer, feeder and conveyor which are further interfaced with a advanced motion controller. However, our system can be used with any standard servos available which not only reduces the overall cost for the end customer but also proves convenient in terms of material availability.


Below are the features of this system:

  • Controller with 20*4 display and 18 keys.
  • Encoder feedback
  • All parameters like length of the pouch, speed, mark on/off settable on site.
  • Automatic conveyor stop in absence of mark
  • Batch coding unit built-in
  • Extremely easy to connect and interface with the machine
  • Suitable for Flow wrap and Mini flow wrap machines
  • Both stepper and servo based system available